By arranging a commission from Edalie via the following:

Instant Messaging, Email, Social Media, Group Chat, in person, or by spoken word,

You, the Client agree to the following terms of service on this page for commissioning the artist Edalie in return for custom images, artwork and graphics. These Terms of Service are a legally binding contract that you, the Client must agree to in order to commission Edalie for custom images, artwork and graphics by using the hidden word in this document in negotiation with Edalie in addition to providing your Signature to prove that you, the Client have read and agreed to this contract.

If the Client has not received a link to this Terms of Service page from Edalie inside an instant message, email, social media, group chat, in person or by spoken word, then this contract is void and will not apply to the Client.

This page is subject to change at any time and archived versions can be requested from Edalie in reference to the time and date of your commission. For the Client’s own safety, it is strongly advised to save a screenshot of this page at the time and date of your commission to avoid miscommunication.

Edalie retains the right to refuse any commission before or after payment is received if you, the Client display inappropriate behaviour or harass Edalie during the timeframe of the commission (from requesting service to the final image being sent to the Client). Edalie will not abuse this clause and will only resort to this in extreme circumstances.

All commissions must be negotiated via Text only if you are not in person with Edalie at 
the time of negotiating the commission.

Clients commissioning Rated-18 work from Edalie must be 18 or more years of age at the time of negotiation.

You will receive your commission 1-2 months after the sum has been processed.

All commissions must be paid the full sum upfront during or after negotiation.
Monthly payment plans can be negotiated for commissions over 150 USD only.

Failure to abide by this contract will result in an indefinite blacklisting from Edalie’s service.
This contract applies to those who have agreed and have since been blacklisted from Edalie’s service.


Original Characters/Fan Characters





Nudity/Explicit Content

Fetish Content (Light BDSM, Hyper,

Transformation, Liquids etc)

Light Gore (Blood, Cuts, Burns, Scars)


Imitating other Artists/Styles

Extremely detailed Mechs/Vehicles

Extreme Fetish Content (Watersports, Extreme BDSM, Vore, Pregnancy, Scat, Beastiality, Ageplay, Aging up, Pedophilia)

Isms and Phobias (Hate Crimes, Racism, Sexism, Transphobia, Homophobia, Islamophobia etc)

Extreme Gore (Decapitated Limbs, Holes, Vomit, Violence)

Underage Characters in Fetish/Sexual Circumstances
This includes: Characters who are visually underage,
but claim they are a 400 year old Vampire.
This includes: Characters who are visually overage,

but are a minor.


All transactions and commissions from Edalie’s service will be made via http://paypal.com to edalieart@hotmail.com in the form of an Invoice only, sent from Edalie to the Client which will receive a unique Transaction ID.

The Client agrees not to attempt to cover the cost of the PayPal Fee. This cost is covered by Edalie. An attempt to do so can cause both of our accounts to become terminated as it is against PayPal's TOS to make the buyer pay the seller's fee.

All donations are non-refundable and are sent during Invoicing, Twitch streams or separately to edalieart@hotmail.com or via the URLs http://paypal.me/edalie , https://streamelements.com/edalie/tip or http://ko-fi.com/edalie .

The Client agrees to never use the PayPal charge back feature to their unique Transaction ID, and if attempted, the Client will be blacklisted indefinitely from Edalie's Service as a result.*

Please remember to communicate and be honest with your feelings about your commission. I can work the piece and make any changes necessary until you are satisfied.

*Why is this?
The charge back feature causes unnecessary complications and can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to resolve and issues a fine to Edalie's account, so it is not recommended. Refunds are sent via invoice or as a separate transaction depending on the situation. You will get your refund, but not through PayPal charge back. Remember to communicate.



Edalie retains the right to cancel a commission before or after payment is received if the Client displays inappropriate behaviour or harasses Edalie during the time frame of the commission. This clause will not be abused and Edalie will only resort to this in extreme circumstances.

Edalie and the Client agree to treat each other respectfully, professionally and to respect the individual’s personal boundaries during the commission time frame. To prove you have read this document, use "AcceptedContract".



This is a no refund service unless special circumstances apply.
Special circumstances are as follows:

  • Edalie is unable to complete the commission due to personal circumstances.*

  • Edalie requests to terminate the commission due to the Client's behaviour.*

  • The Client requests to terminate the commission due to personal circumstances.*

  • The Client is unhappy with the sketch/lineart stage, and requests to terminate the commission.*

    Client requested refunds are not available on commissions that have entered colouring phase.

*When a commission is terminated by either Edalie or the Client, the Client will be refunded the worth of the unfinished amount of work. This amount is calculated at the time of the commission and does not use up to date prices for fairness. The Client is not allowed to argue the “worth” of the unfinished artwork, as it is already calculated by Edalie from her own hourly rate for how long each stage of artwork takes her (sketch, lineart, base colour, editing/finishing) and was agreed upon when the Client entered the commission contract with Edalie. Artists are individuals and take longer in some stages more than others, so if your Lineart ends up being more expensive than the Colouring stage, please be respectful of our different processes and calculations.



The Client will receive the right to repost, rename, crop and use the image how they like for personal uses. The Client is granted the use of the image, but the Client may not claim that they drew the image. All reposts, renamings, crops and uses must be credited to Edalie as the artist to any Social Media account of Edalie's that is appropriate for the Client's post. (Example: "Drawn by @edalieart"
when posting on Instagram or Twitter, alternatively: "Commissioned from @edalieart")

The Client will receive the full resolution artwork/design. Multiple sizes, backgrounds, alternate colour schemes and transparent versions can be requested.

If the Client pays the Commercial Licensing Fee (300 USD), they gain access to the right of usage of Edalie's copyright of the image to use it for commercial purposes in additional to their standard personal use.

The Client must not use any commissioned artwork from Edalie as a Tattoo unless the image is specifically designed and a one-of-a-kind design for use as a Tattoo.*

*Why is this? 
Generally Tattoo artists are also illustrators and can custom make your artwork specifically for use as a tattoo. It is recommended to commission them for your artwork and not myself as I am not a tattoo artist. If you have commissioned me for a tattoo piece without communicating this point, and your tattoo artist refuses the illustration, it is your responsibility to source new artwork as I will not make edits or refunds because of this miscommunication.



All commissions created by Edalie are protected under Copyright and must not be re-sold, redistributed, altered, traced, copied, stolen, edited, lined or coloured in in any shape or form unless explicit permission is given from Edalie at the time of negotiation.

​The Client may not purchase a sketch or lineart commission from Edalie with the intention to

commission another artist to colour it after.

Edalie retains the right to post commissioned work on any of their social media and to sell copies of commissions bound by this contract in print, keychain and poster form unless special circumstances have been negotiated before the end of the commission such as using the commissioned image as a gift.



Extra charges may apply for off-menu commissions and add-ons. All discounts, freebies, one-offs and off-menu services provided by Edalie are bound by this contract.

Commercial commissions are subject to a 300 USD Commercial Licensing Fee in which Edalie allows the Client use of the Copyright of the individual commissioned artwork for charity, commercial and profit purposes.

If a Client attempts to use a copyrighted commission from Edalie for charity, commercial, or for profit purposes without negotiating with Edalie beforehand and paying the Commercial Licensing Fee of 300 USD, the Client must pay a fine of 600 USD to Edalie via PayPal or Bank Transfer to allow further legal usage or it will be escalated to small claims.

All commissions come with a prepaid 3 change request limit for the Client’s leisure unless otherwise stated on the product. Changes are bought in increments of 3, at the price of 5 USD per 3 changes. If the Client uses their 3 changes and requests a 4th, they will be charged 5 USD whether or not they use all of their changes.



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